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Monday, October 25, 2010

On the street....Why Hamilton?

That's Me! Many people have been asking me to put a photo of me up here so here it is!

I wanted to take the time to explain why I chose to do a street style blog in Hamilton.  There seems to be a revolution happening in the city right now. Hamilton has been referred to as the next Brooklyn. What is it about Hamilton? Well for one thing it is cheap to live here so many artists and musicians flock here to prefect their craft so that they don't have to worry too much about living expenses. 

The monthly art crawl is a clear indication of the creativity that resides in Hamilton. When you walk down James St. N. during the art crawl the eclectic mix of people is entertaining in and of itself. This is where the fashion comes in. I run into many Hamilton fashion designers who are unrecognized and have to sell their clothing in Toronto. You have seen from my blog that there are many well dressed Hamiltonians so clearly there is an appreciation for fashion in the area. 

Is it possible Hamilton could become a fashion centre? Far-fetched, you think? Well, every fashion centre had to start somewhere. All it takes is a bit of organization and marketing to show Hamilton is worthy of becoming a fashion capital.

 We can try, at least.

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