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Friday, November 12, 2010

On the street....Locke St.

This is Brad - I met him at the MUSCARI Floral Champagne Party on Locke St. last night. He works as an interior designer at MUSCARI. Great outfit! Why don't men dress more like this?

Name: Brad
Age: 26
Occupation: Designer
Favourite Designer/Clothing Store: Alexander McQueen (also my favourite)
One piece of clothing you can't live without: Blazer
Favourite place in Hamilton: Locke St.
Favourite song right now: Kesha - "We are who we are"


  1. Yeah fantastic outfit. My only criticism is that he needs to lengthen his tie it's well too short.


  2. I like this look! A well-dressed man can make a woman's heart flutter like a schoolgirl. ;)